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Early voting begins February 21.  Election Day is March 19. 
How can I tell if I am registered to vote?

You can type in your name and address and check your current registration.

How can I register to vote?

You can register to vote online or fill out a form and return it to the Board of Elections.

The deadline to register to vote in the March election is Tuesday, February 20.


You can update any information using the same form to register to vote.

I have moved (or changed my name), and now I need to update my voter registration. What do I do?
When does early voting start? How can I do that?

Early voting for the March election begins on Wednesday, February 21. (Military and overseas ballots will begin February 2).

You can request your vote-by-mail ballot ANYTIME before March 12.
You can also vote early in person at the Board of Elections starting February 21.
Where do I vote on Election Day?

Find your Election Day polling location

Polls are open from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.

What time is voting on Election Day – Tuesday, March 19th?
What ID do I need to bring with me to vote?

Ohio law requires voters to announce their full name and current address and provide proof of identity.

What happens if I forget my ID on Election Day?

Please don’t leave the polling location if your information is not available. You may request a provisional ballot that will be reviewed by election officials at a later date.

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